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What You Will Learn

  • The Best Tarot Deck to Learn
  • The Fastest Way to Get to Know the Cards
  • Daily Exercises to Be a Pro in No Time
  • What to Do When You Get Stuck on a Card
  • How to Read Outcome Patterns (Synthesizing)
  • How to Answer Yes/No Questions
  • And More!

Hi, I'm Brandy

I have been developing my spiritual toolbox for my entire adult life. I follow brilliant, spiritual teachers, read countless books, participate in spiritual circles, and test-drive new meditation and spiritual practices daily. It’s through my commitment to this guidance that I was able to become a spiritual teacher and serve others with my readings and workshops.

It took me 7 years of Tarot practice to get to the point of confidence. At the 7 year point, I happened upon a spiritual teacher that enlightened me. She told me how I was holding myself back. From that day forward, I have been reading professionally and teaching others to do the same. That one key turning point, changed my life. If I had that coaching 7 years earlier, I would have never used the books that were holding me back from my spiritual work.

For the past decade, I have been leading workshops on meditation, spirit guide contact, past lives, and Tarot reading.

Don’t let your spiritual practice be another item on your to-do list! I am here to help you become a confident Tarot Reader without a book. 

Love & Light,


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"That exceeded my expectation! I wanted to read Tarot for so long, but always gave up because it seemed so difficult. I am so thankful I found you!”

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“This was one of the most valuable hours of my life. The Tarot cards have been demystified, and now I feel more confident when connecting with the cards. I will be forever grateful for all that you teach!"

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"I watched it twice it was so good. Brandy is such an incredible teacher and Tarot reader. I highly recommend this webinar to anyone curious about Tarot cards."

Pick the Training That Best Fits Your Schedule (I'm Offering Multiple Times!)

  • Learn to Read Cards Without a Book
  • Learn Secret Tips that Most People Don't Know
  • Exact Methods to Get Answers About Your Future