The Spiritual Awakening Masterclass

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What is The Spiritual Awakening Masterclass?

The Spiritual Awakening Masterclass is a 12-week online course that helps you gain the confidence and understanding needed to develop your natural gifts. 

"Brandy’s courses are a wonderful place to start or continue your spiritual journey. I was afraid I’d be just another number, another sheep in the flock, but it is absolutely NOT like that. The Vibe Membership is a wonderful place for Lightworkers like myself. I have experienced so many wonderful changes. My anxiety, anger, self-loathing and fears are virtually gone. I am experiencing a peace that I have never known. 100% try it!"


"I have learned so much and shifted in so many ways with your program. I have learned to let go, to cut negative cords of attachment, do magick spells, build my energetic vibration, opened my chakras, re-discovered myself via reading my astrology chart. I have 3 massive boards full of my rituals and planetary breakdowns. Wow. It’s been awesome. I am feeling way more confident in my divination work! I love this tribe!"


"Brandy is a great teacher. She presents the lessons in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. And she makes herself available every week in both the live lessons and private chat rooms to answer questions. If you are interested in astrology, meditation, or Tarot reading, Brandy is the one to go to for education and guidance. Just do it."


Module Breakdown

Take a sneak peek at the modules...

Pre-Training Module: Prepare for Pathworking 

This module will prepare you energetically for the transformational work ahead.  I’ll lay out what you can expect and what you need to begin, and I’ll share my method for revealing exactly how to download more energy from your Higher Self. We also dive into the Lightworker’s Sacred Contract. 

We wrap up our pre-training module with opening your 7 chakras to gain a higher frequency and enhance your psychic centers. This also prepares you for our pathworking rituals so start these exercises as soon as possible.

Module 1: Foundations of Pathworking the Tree of Life

In this module, I’ll show you the Tree of Life and it’s paths for alchemy and ascension work. And introduce you to how we will be pathworking the Tree of Life over the next 12 weeks. 

We’ll wrap up with a powerful banishing ritual to expand your aura and remove all negative energies.

Module 2: The Sphere of the Earth: Establishing Spiritual Stability

In this module, I’ll guide you to mastering the four elements, also known as the temperaments of your spirit. If you ever feel imbalanced in life, this will help you get your balance back.

We’ll wrap up with our first pathworking exercise on the 10th Sphere of the Tree of LIfe and a live coaching call at the end of the week. Join us even if you haven’t done your work for the week.  

As with every module in this course, you can learn in your own individual style. Follow along with the video, audio, and download PDF worksheets to support your practice.

Module 3: The Sphere of the Moon: Activating the Astral Light

In this module, we will continue enhancing the psychic senses with powerful sensation training exercises. 

This module includes a practice called Circulation Body of Light. The guided ritual videos make it easy to follow along and master the technique.

Module 4: The Sphere of Mind: Establishing Mental Clarity & Focus

In this module, I’ll show you my 3 simple steps to reprogram your mind. The mind is conditioned with faulty programming that holds you back from your highest potential (energetically, mentally, and emotionally). These faulty programs come from childhood conditioning, toxic relationships, and trauma. 

When you reprogram, you will begin to see your life with more understanding and better control. This spiritual practice is so powerful that you not only heal yourself, but you also create an energetic ripple effect that helps heal the world.

Module 5: The Sphere of Venus: Establishing Intuition & Emotional Clarity

In this module, we will work with the emotional body to understand the idea behind magick potions and holy water. Using energy magick requires an understanding of mentalism and aether. 

We will wrap up this module with one of my favorite pathworking meditations. This one is a Venusion energy so it is quite beautiful and healing. 

Module 6: The Sphere of Balance: Connecting & Invoking Divine Light

In this module, we will connect deeply with the Higher Self and work the middle pillar to align with our true purpose and highest gifts and potentials. It takes a while to get here, but if you are going through the lesson material and practicing the weekly exercises, you will be soaring like so many beautiful souls before you.

We will wrap up this module with a very powerful invoking ritual called the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. This ritual will clear your energy, balance your energy, and pull in a high amount of soul energy. You will feel amazing after you start practicing this beautiful exercise of sacred geometry.

Module 7: The Sphere of Contraction: Clearing Negative Energy

This is where we take a big step in our spiritual ascension work. We all get energetic cords stuck in our energy bodies at one time or another in this lifetime. They hold you back from being fully healed and vibrant. Your spiritual Light, also known as your essence, leaks to another person that has low energy.

I teach you to energetically clear these cords with my 11 step process. This goes way beyond the Will. This is energy magick. You have to work your way up to these types of techniques. 

Energetic cords do not come back after you remove them correctly. If you ever had one “come back” then it was never cleared in the correct way. 

When you practice my 11 steps, you cut energetic cords, heal your wounds, and usher in peace.

I created video instructions and a written guide for these 11 steps to make it super easy for you to follow along.

Module 8: The Sphere of Expansion: Opening & Directing Divine Light

In this module, we begin practicing energy work, also called Qigong exercises. I teach you how to open, activate, and build your energy body for maximum healing benefits. This gives you a way to increase your Light and tune up for better manifesting with the law of attraction.

This will help strengthen your energy body and your immune system. It’s an ancient martial arts practice that I’ve been practicing for a very long time.

Module 9: The Sphere of Knowledge: A Past Life Regression

In this module, we dive deep into past lives. Our past lives still affect us today and having the knowledge of this karma will help you tremendously. When you wake up to your soul’s journey, you find a peace that you have never experienced. It’s like finally remembering something that you lost. It’s always been there, but you didn’t know where to look. I teach you how to find that part of yourself with a guided past life regression and a lesson so you understand the process.

We wrap this one up with an actual guided past life regression session. You just get to sit back, relax, and allow me to walk you through your personal journey. 

Module 10: The Sphere of Understanding: Channeling Your Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide Channeling is the ultimate experience for getting the best understanding in life. They are the ultimate support system. We talk about the difference between a lower astral spirit and a true spirit guide. And then we jump into actual channeling. 

I take you through my 10 day process. This work takes some time, but once you are practicing the rituals and energy work from previous weeks, this one will come to you quite quickly. 

Module 11: Activating the Sphere of Wisdom: Sigil Magick

We get serious in this module. I have used Sigil Sex Magick rituals a few times and they worked each time. This is some of the most powerful energy work you can do so you have to be prepared with a high vibration and an understanding of your deeper soul purpose when you get here. 

Most high magick practitioners do this alone but you can also do this with a lover if you would like to try that route. 

Module 12: The Sphere of the Crown: Creating Your Reality

In this final step, I guide you through understanding the Magick Formula. This is your guide for manifesting a better reality. We go through the natural laws, theories, and the practical process. This is where everything comes together and you can finally see the formula playing out in your life.

You will complete the course with your personal call to adventure story using the magick formula. This includes everything from hypnotic reprogramming exercises to techniques for overcoming mental and emotional resistance. 

I’ll also show you how to bring the practices of spiritual awakening into your daily life so that manifesting becomes intuitive, easy and rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 12 Training Modules
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Absolutely! The Spiritual Awakening Masterclass is the perfect way to begin your path towards enlightenment. I will guide you every step of the way. If you ever have any questions, we will have a live Q&A session each week, plus access to a private community of Lightworkers like yourself who are happy to help. 

The Masterclass comes with 12 training modules. 

The schedule for the course will last 12 weeks with video lessons and a live Q&A session released each week. A calendar is included with the course to help guide you. After the content is released, you will have lifetime access to the course and replays to go back to for reference. 

All of the course content including videos, audio, and PDF downloads will live on You will login through a private portal that will grant you access to all the material. 

You will have lifetime access to the content. :)

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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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The Spiritual Awakening Masterclass

Develop your Spiritual Gifts to their Highest Potential