How to Chant AUM Correctly (OM)

Oct 15, 2020

The reason many spiritual people chant aum is because it opens the spiritual chakras – these are the energy centers that connect us to our intuitive faculties.

The proper way to chant aum is to begin with opening the heart chakra with the sound vibration aaahhhh. The heart chakra is the main center for tapping into the astral and seeing into the future. It’s our main spiritual channel. When you open this one you become clairaudient – you can hear the spirit world more clearly.

Everything is energy and energy is basically waves of vibration – in other word – sound frequency. Yeah, so to move your energy, use sound vibrations.

The next part of the chant is u for the second chakra – this is your connection center. This connects you to your self and others. It’s an emotional center. And when you have this one open and active, you become clairsentient. Which means you can feel energy. Have you ever walked into a place and said “oh wow, it feels weird in here. Or if you’ve ever felt someone’s bad mood – that is clairsentience.”

The final part of the chant is the third eye activation. The sound is mmmmmmm. This one gets your clairvoyance going. When you see visions in meditation, that is clairvoyance. The ability to see with that third eye.