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Discover how you can make the ultimate shift from feeling fearful of opening yourself up to your spiritual gifts and feeling uncertain of what you should be doing, to creating your own spiritual awakening path with your personal soul map.
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You are in the right place if you want to develop your spiritual gifts to their highest potential. Whether that is working on your intuition, being a better healer, or actually speaking to the angelic realm, every gift and every path is different so no matter what that gift is, you are in the right place if you want to take your personal gift to the highest potential. 

 You are in the right place if you want to know what steps to take on your spiritual path. 

Life can be so confusing at times, and if you don’t have clear goals and a process in place to reach those goals, spiritual awakening can be a little scary. I remember when I started working with spirit and had some scary astral run-ins that I didn’t understand. I reached out to some very experienced spiritual teachers and was lucky enough to get some good guidance from them and my spirit guides. Thankfully, their guidance helped me understand what was happening and the best ways to deal with it. 

I have been teaching at the University level since 2006. My soul intention this lifetime is teaching, especially Lightworkers how to heal and how to develop their spiritual gifts like reading cards, channeling spirits, energy work, among other spiritual modalities.

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what you should be doing on your spiritual journey, step by step?

Becoming spiritually awakened means that you are no longer confused or hesitant with your spiritual path but instead you understand the steps to being fully awakened and what to do once you do get there.

Spiritual awakening unveils your spiritual gifts and highest potential this lifetime. If your soul’s intent is to focus in the area of spiritual development and Lightwork then you will likely end up in a serious crisis and dark night of the soul situations if you are not actively seeking your development. That is what happened to me. 

I went through an existential crisis in 2011 that led me to serious depression and then seeking meaning in life.  I was always told by psychics that the spirits say that I can hear them but I dont know how to listen. Well, I finally learned how to listen in 2011. 

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Being on the right path and being able to tune into the spirit world, provides a great amount of comfort in life. It changes you. It enlightens you. And it makes you stronger as a person in the physical world.

Once I went through my awakening, people looked to me for strength and confidence because I was finally vibrating that frequency. I now know without a doubt that there is much more than the physical realm and I know when I’m on the right path. My spiritual radar is through the roof. And the most important part of this is that I know how to navigate my soul map.

This is a soul map for the awakening process. You can go about this awakening process by trauma & crisis also known as trial and error. Or you can ascend it smoothly without turmoil and crisis. 

As seekers on the path to awakening, we seek out the right mystery school to assist us on our journey. Each mystery school is unique. 


Would you like me to teach you how to be fully awakened and what to do once you do get there?

You are here today for a specific reason. 

Maybe you feel ready to take on your spiritual gift but you have been scared to fully give it your all.

Maybe you are intrigued by the idea that you can go down your spiritual path step by step with a mentor instead of doing it alone with trial and error. 

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"I appreciate all you do for these classes, the energy you put in, intentionality, the gentleness you embody. I can’t imagine a day without doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual or the Shakit Shake and meditation before anything else. I have noticed a huge shift in myself, things happening around me, and my view on life. You are so helpful to so many of us and I am excited for our light to shine so brightly for others."

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"I have learned so much and shifted in so many ways with this program. I have learned to let go, to cut negative cords of attachment, do magick spells, build my energetic vibration, opened my chakras, and re-discovered myself via reading my astrology chart. I have 3 massive boards full of my rituals and planetary breakdowns. Wow. It’s been awesome. I am feeling way more confident in my divination work! I love this tribe!"

By the end of the first semester, you will have:

  • Cleared your house of negative energy
  • Activated & tuned up your chakra system
  • Invoked more Light into your Aura
  • Met your Higher Divine Self
  • Sharpened your intuition and untapped psychic senses 
  • Pulled & started reading your natal astrology chart
  • Started reading Tarot Cards
  • Experienced more synchronicities than your whole life combined
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This comprehensive Mystery School provides you with a step-by-step program for completing the Great Work. The Great Work raises your vibration and helps to re-program the unconscious shadows that attract negative energy. And you get to do all of this with a supportive community of like-minded souls.


$3.99 for first month then, $15 USD /month

This subscription includes...

  • A Roadmap Designed to Open Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Community Chat & Live Coaching
  • Magick Library filled with topics like Tarot, Astrology, Chakra Work, Pathworking, and More!

The Magickal Mystery School

Everyone’s gifts are unique. Find out what yours are with a spiritual roadmap to your highest potential.

Books and youtube videos can only get you so far. 

At this point, the way I see it, you have two options. Option number one, you don’t make a plan for your spiritual awakening process, and you’re in the same place this time next year, still using books and random youtube videos.


You 100% COMMIT to becoming fully awake to your spiritual path THIS YEAR using my proven roadmap.

So if you are ready to wake up to your highest spiritual potential in this lifetime, and you want a roadmap to do so, I’d like to personally invite you into the Magickal Mystery School. 

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