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Develop your spiritual gifts in order to reach your higher self and spirit guides. It's time to let go of old programs and understand your soul's purpose.

Roadmap to Spiritual Awakening

Comprehensive video lectures will guide you step-by-step on your journey, and a new module is added each month!

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Live Monthly Workshop

Each month, take part in a live workshop with Brandy. Topics range anywhere from Tarot, Cord Cutting, and more!

Monthly Astrology Talk

Each month, take a deep dive into all things astrology and even get your birth chart read by Brandy!

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Monthly Fireside Chat

Take part in a live Q&A each month with Brandy to answer any of your questions and get involved in the magickal discussions!

Monthly Ritual & Meditation

Join in live for guided rituals and meditation. Brandy also coaches you on the alchemical rituals you'll be learning in the membership!

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Private Lightworker Community

Join our private Discord chat to connect with like-minded people, get support, and talk all things esoteric!

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You are in the right place if you want to develop your spiritual gifts to their highest potential.

 Whether that is working on your intuition, becoming a better healer, or actually speaking to the angelic realm, every gift and every path is different. I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Life can be confusing at times and if you don’t have proper guidance, spiritual awakening can be a little scary. When I started working with spirit, I had some scary astral run-ins that I didn’t understand. I reached out to experienced spiritual teachers and was lucky enough to receive guidance. This helped me understand what was happening and the best ways to utilize it for my higher purpose. 

I’ve been teaching at the University level since 2006. My soul intention this lifetime is teaching Lightworkers how to heal and develop their gifts like reading cards, channeling spirits, energy work, and other spiritual modalities.

Spiritual awakening unveils your gifts and highest potential this lifetime. If your soul’s intent is to focus in the area of spiritual development, then it is important to take the proper steps so you don’t end up in a serious crisis or dark night of the soul. I went through an existential crisis in 2011 that led me to serious depression. It eventually led me to seek a deeper meaning in life. I was always told by psychics that spirits say I can hear them but I don’t know how to listen.

Being on the right path and being able to tune into the spirit world, provides a great amount of comfort in life. It changes you. It enlightens you. It makes you stronger as a person in the physical world.

Once I went through my awakening, people looked to me for strength and confidence because I was finally vibrating at a higher frequency. I now know without a doubt that there is much more than the physical realm and I know when I’m on the right path. My spiritual radar is through the roof, and the most important part is that I know how to navigate my soul map.

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"I've gained a new understanding of the zodiac signs and elements of the earth. I loved learning about these because they are so essential to our everyday life and I had no idea! I am evolving into a better version of myself & the more work I do on this course, the more abundances I receive. It's like the universe knows I'm working towards my path and I feel very guided and supported."

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"My intuition is on point! I'm thinking about things, and they're happening in front of me. I really like the way Brandy explains things. I think she's very approachable and clearly knows her stuff."

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"This is a very unique school for those who are willing to dig deep and deal with the not-so-nice aspects of themselves. This school also offers invitations to meet those that only few know exist. This is an amazing school going on here! I am very Thankful to be your student. Your teachings are life enhancing and personal."

What's Included?

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Tarot Masterclass

The complete Tarot reading system with advanced lessons on the numerology and Tarot practice exercises.

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Deep Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing masterclass using mudras, mantras, visualization, and breathwork to balance and activate the chakra system.

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Astrology 101

Learn to pull and read your birth chart. Includes lessons on the houses, planets, and signs within your chart.

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Past Life & Soul Purpose Astrology

This is focused on reading your Moon's Nodes and Pluto & it's Polarity Point in your birth chart. Ever wonder about your past lives or your soul's purpose this lifetime? This is the class for you.

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Kundalini Awakening

Join me and experience your spiritual bliss state. This program is key to your psychic development and personal transformation. It will boost your intuition, and calm the loud, chaotic mind.

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Intro to Magickal Ritual

This is a full course on the basic magickal rituals of High Magick. Including, LBRP, Middle Pillar, Circulation of Light, BRH, LIRP, and Circumambulation Rituals.

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Pathworking the Tree of Life

Pathworking & Sphereworking are the astral work we practice on the Tree of Life. It awakens you to your Higher Consciousness through the archetypes of Gods, Angels, and myths.

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Philosophy of Hermeticism

The 7 Hermetic Principles of Magick are foundational philosophies of natural law. To get the most out of your Magick, you should understand these laws.

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Elemental Magick

Balancing the 4 elements within your energy system is foundational to awaken your gifts and live in an awakened state.

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Sigil Sex Magick

Step-by-step course for performing sigil magick using the sexual or kundalini energy. This is a gnostic method of grey magick.

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Spirit Guide Channeling

Full step-by-step spirit guide course. Includes how to tell the difference between guides and astrals.

All of the above course programs are in the membership program. They are laid out step-by-step as a traditional mystery school. You begin the program in the Neophyte Semester where you learn the foundations of Magick, Tarot, and astrology. You then move into higher level rituals, deeper lessons on Tarot, astrology, and psychic development work.

By the end of the first semester, you will have:

  • Cleared your house of negative energy
  • Activated & tuned up your chakra system
  • Invoked more Light into your Aura
  • Met your Higher Divine Self
  • Sharpened your intuition and untapped psychic senses 
  • Pulled & started reading your natal astrology chart
  • Started reading Tarot Cards
  • Experienced more synchronicities than your whole life combined
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Membership Perks

  • Self-Paced Roadmap to Achieve Spiritual Awakening
  • Member Exclusive Video Lectures
  • Live Astrology Talks
  • Live┬áTarot Sessions
  • Private Discord Community┬á
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Philosophy and Magickal Practices

Magick is taking responsibility for your existence, shadows, and triggers. This is alchemical magick which is gritty self-development. You will have a mirror held to you by spirit and knowledge.

Sigil sex magick is a part of the curriculum.

This is a gnostic magick program, we look at the stories in religious teachings as myths that teach us about ourselves. We subscribe to the idea that all is one and spirituality is an individualized experience and path. This is a chaos magick system. It includes deep transformational work and serious development. It is not for the easily offended. If you do not own your issues and want to experience shadow work and dark night of the soul for self exploration and development, this program is not for you.

Chaos magick is about the experience of truth through the magickal act itself. It is free from dogma. We use many systems of spiritual development that are the most practical result driven techniques.

We focus on energy magick and spiritual alchemy. Spiritual alchemy is self development through ancient occult systems like tarot cards, astrology chart analysis, tree of life pathworking, and other reflective tools.

Energy magick is magickal practices using energy including emotional, sexual, and etheric energy to create change in your life. This includes sigil magick, energy banishing & invoking rituals, tantric yoga, and etheric cord cutting.

We also practice angel magick, psychic exercises, and spirit guide channeling. We do not practice spirit magick (e.g., Goetic, Enochian, familiars, or any other conjuring of entities or spirits). We purely work with Archangels, guides, the higher self, and if mediumship (communicating with those that passed) is a gift of yours then I do guide you in that work. I am a psychic medium myself, but I do not conjure spirits.

This program is a good fit if you are:

  • Interested in deep psychoanalysis of the self and shadow work
  • Ready to experience your own personal truth and connection to Divinity
  • Curious and open minded to practices such as sigil sex magick and kundalini awakening
  • Open to Tarot reading and spiritual astrology

This program is NOT a good fit if you are:

  • Triggered by discussions of sex, intimacy, drugs, shadow issues
  • Dogmatic viewpoint that there is only one way to God and truth
  • Fearful of magickal practices like rituals or connecting with divine energies like higher self or spirit guides
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"I appreciate all you do for these classes, the energy you put in, intentionality, the gentleness you embody. I can’t imagine a day without doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual or the Shakit Shake and meditation before anything else. I have noticed a huge shift in myself, things happening around me, and my view on life. You are so helpful to so many of us and I am excited for our light to shine so brightly for others."

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"Since joining the membership, I've noticed more joy recently, and in my job (customer service) people are being drawn more to me for my energy. It's great! Brandy is extremely helpful and educated in what she discusses in the course."

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"I have learned so much and shifted in so many ways with this program. I have learned to let go, to cut negative cords of attachment, do magick spells, build my energetic vibration, opened my chakras, and re-discovered myself via reading my astrology chart. I have 3 massive boards full of my rituals and planetary breakdowns. Wow. It’s been awesome. I am feeling way more confident in my divination work! I love this tribe!"


This comprehensive Mystery School provides you with a step-by-step program for completing the Great Work. The Great Work raises your vibration and helps to re-program the unconscious shadows that attract negative energy. Plus, you get to do all of this with a supportive community of like-minded souls. 



$3.99 for first month, then $15/month

All-access pass to full curriculum, live workshops, and Discord community


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