Evolutionary Astrology Course

This is an intermediate astrology course that focuses on the nodal axis and Pluto in the astrology chart. It explores past life karma, soul imprints, and soul purpose. 


I originally began Kundalini Meditation to increase my intuitive abilities and it worked wonders far beyond just that. A really cool EXTRA is that it provides you a brain chemical boost beyond 3rd eye activation. It provides you a mood boost that gets you naturally high.

AND best of all... it provides you a better SEX LIFE! I had no idea about this when I started, and then was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

32 Instructional Videos

Module 1: ​​Exploring Past Lives: North Nodes 1-3

Module 2: North Nodes 1-3: Example Charts

Module 3: Exploring Past Lives: North Nodes 4-6

Module 4: North Nodes 4-6: Example Charts

Module 5: Exploring Past Lives: Nodes 10-12

Module 6: North Nodes 10-12: Example Charts

Module 7: Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul

Module 8: Reading Pluto with the Nodes (Past Lives & Soul Purpose)

Module 9: Pluto Aries (The Warrior Soul)

Module 10: Pluto Aries Examples

Module 11: Pluto Taurus (The Survivor Soul)

Module 12: Pluto Taurus Examples

Module 13: Pluto Gemini (The Researcher Soul)

Module 14: Pluto Gemini Examples

Module 15: Pluto Cancer (The Nurturer Soul)

Module 16: Pluto Cancer Celebrities



Module 17: Pluto Leo (The Strong Willed Soul)

Module 18: Pluto Virgo (The Servant Soul)

Module 19: Pluto Virgo Celebrities

Module 20: Pluto Libra (The Lover)

Module 21: Pluto Libra Celebrities

Module 22: Pluto Scorpio (The Tantrika)

Module 23: Pluto Scorpio Examples

Module 24: Pluto Sagittarius (The Truth Seeker)

Module 25: Pluto Sagittarius Examples

Module 26: Pluto Capricorn (The Authority)

Module 27: Pluto Capricorn Examples

Module 28: Pluto Aquarius (The Inventor)

Module 29: Pluto Aquarius Examples

Module 30: Pluto Pisces (The Psychic)

Module 31: Pluto Pisces Examples

Bonus Lesson: Reading Eclipse Transits

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Brandy is an esoteric teacher who works with those on the path to awakening their spiritual gifts and understanding their soul journey through esoteric practices including Tarot and Evolutionary Astrology.

After spending more than a decade practicing astrology and regressing people into past lives under hypnosis, Brandy’s philosophy is that evolutionary astrology is the most accurate soul map we have access to working with in this lifetime. 


“Brandy is the only person I trust that would give correct information about astrology and energy work. Her classes are so reasonably priced too! She is an amazing mentor. I have learned so much, she taught me how to bring magic into my life. I have experienced so many positive changes and for that, I am forever grateful.


"Many teachers make things harder than they have to be, using unexplained terminologies or reference materials that basically leave you at a loss. The manner in which Brandy teaches is common sense, engaging, passionate and flexible."

$199 USD

This course includes...

  • 32 Instructional Videos
  • Bonus Workshop: Reading Eclipse Transits
  • Lifetime Access 

Evolutionary Astrology Course

This is an intermediate astrology course that focuses on the nodal axis and Pluto in the astrology chart. It explores past life karma, soul imprints, and soul purpose.

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