Why I Created the Tarot Masterclass

I have been developing my spiritual toolbox for my entire adult life. I follow brilliant, spiritual teachers, read countless books, participate in spiritual circles, and test-drive new meditation and spiritual practices daily. It’s through my commitment to this guidance that I was able to become a spiritual teacher and serve others with my readings and workshops.

It took me 7 years of Tarot practice to get to the point of confidence. At the 7 year point, I happened upon a spiritual teacher that enlightened me. She told me how I was holding myself back. From that day forward, I have been reading professionally and teaching others to do the same. That one key turning point, changed my life. If I had that coaching 7 years earlier, I would have never used the books that were holding me back from my spiritual work.

For the past decade, I have been leading workshops on meditation, spirit guide contact, past lives, and Tarot reading. People always approach me after my workshops and ask me how they can keep learning more with me. I never had a clear answer besides my phone number for personal mentoring, and I have done quite a bit of personal mentoring over the years. But I wanted to be able to teach more of these subjects, especially the Tarot.

I am bubbling with spiritual experiences and practical methods of my work, and my spirit guides have been pushing me to share my work.

My Guides set me on a mission. It was finally time for me to create an offering that would provide consistent connection to my teachings and practices. I brainstormed ways to create a community and connect consistently. With this desire, I chose to create this Tarot Reading Community program. This simple platform, together with my live webinars and private forum, allows us to stay connected on your journey. Even on your most chaotic days, you can log in and instantly access the exact exercises you need to develop your spiritual connection with The Cards and to get the guidance that you need in your life (and for others).

Love & Light,


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This Masterclass is Right for You If:

  • You are ready to start reading the cards, but need some help understanding the Rider-Waite or tapping into your own intuition.
  • You already read the cards, but tend to look up meanings in the books still.
  • You are highly intuitive or psychic and want to learn the cards because others request it from you.
  • You read the cards, but you don’t feel solid in understanding the Rider-Waite deck.
  • You have never picked up the cards, but you really want to begin reading the cards to get insight into your own life.
  • You want to understand what is going on in your life in a deeper way and get guidance for your future choices.
  • You want to learn to predict the future and future possibilities (divination).
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"With a patient and kind heart, Brandy taught me the skills I needed to begin doing formal readings. She had great insight to allow me to bring forth my best in the readings I was doing. I am grateful for the gifts she has shared with me in the teachings."

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"I always wanted to learn the Tarot, but it seemed so daunting and confusing. Now, I don’t rely on books at all. I instinctively know the meanings of the cards. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about the Tarot. There is such a depth in the course. It goes beyond what anyone else teaches. If you are on the fence, I say 'just go for it!'"

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"Since starting the course, I have learned to get out of my own way in my readings. I would recommend this course to anyone with interest in reading the Tarot. I feel this course sets you on the path to see and learn in a new way. This course goes beyond the books and teaches the things that Tarot students really want to learn."

Module Breakdown

Pre-Training Module: The Foundation to Reading the Cards
  • The Fools Journey
  • 3 Keys to Reading Tarot
  • Shuffling & Clearing Cards
  • Your Daily Practice Plan
Module One: Development Exercises
  • Comic Strip Exercise 
  • 2 Cards in Common
  • 2 Card Story
  • Meditation Exercise
  • Coaching Call

Module Two: Understanding the Major Arcana

  • Understanding the Major Arcana
  • How to Develop Your Intuition
  • VIP Coaching Calls Calendar Posted
  • Coaching Call



Module Three: Understanding the Minor Suits
  • Suit Overview
  • Suit Story Exercise
  • Coaching Call
Module Four: Understanding the Numerology
  • Numbered Cards 1-5
  • Numbered Cards 6-10
  • Coaching Call

Module Five: Understanding the Court Cards

  • Understanding the Court Cards

Module Six: Tarot Spreads

  • Past, Present, Future Spread vs Pattern Spreads
  • Relationship Spreads
  • Yes-No Spreads
  • How to Read “When” Something Will Happen
  • Celtic Cross Spread
  • Clarification & Advice Cards
  • VIP Coaching Call Calendar Posted
  • Coaching Call

Frequently Asked Questions