How to Begin Your Spiritual Journey (5 Techniques)

Confused about where to start with spiritual work? I have 5 techniques to get you started. There are thousands of techniques and schools of thought in the realm of spiritual development or spiritual awakening. Where to start?

I have been teaching workshops for spiritual awakening and psychic development for many years now. These 5 techniques will help you get started and get connected to the astral realm.


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What is a Spiritual Awakening? (The 3 Paths)

There are 3 paths to begin your awakening. You can see them on the Tree of Life awakening roadmap. I am going to tell you the 3 paths or triggers to awakening and how you can make the process a smooth one for yourself.

Path 32 - Kundalini Awakening Path - This is an awakening by the etheric energy of the body.

Path 31 - Conscious Awakening - Study & Hermetic Practice

Path 29 - Unconscious Awakening - Dark Night of the Soul

How to navigate the 3 paths with alchemical rituals and awakening tools.


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Are Ghosts Real? 👻 My 4 Real Ghost Stories 🕯️ (Astrals & Tricksters)

Do you believe in ghosts? If you practice magick, you probably have first hand experience like I do. Or maybe you are a psychic medium. I developed my psychic mediumship abilities through practicing alchemical rituals.

Well, here are some of my personal ghost stories. I have done some irresponsible things in life. And irresponsible acts lead to irresponsible consequences. I laugh now, and you can too.

I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

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The Third Eye (How to Open & Activate the Pineal Gland)

In this video, you are going to find out why you need to open your third eye, what it is exactly, 4 powerful ways to clear and open the third eye, and some troubleshooting tips for blocks.

Clearing and opening your third eye develops your memory, your concentration & focus, your clairvoyance, also known as inner visions or inner sight, and your creative mind. The third eye is what we call the 6th chakra, also known as the indigo chakra or anja chakra. A chakra is an energy vortex in the body. You have energy channels and vortexes all over you. This chakra in particular is in the physical area of the pineal gland – it’s right here in the forehead area.

You can use psychedelic drugs to activate this gland or you can do some really easy techniques to get the same effect (without the side effects of drugs). Here are 4 powerful exercises to open your third eye.

Exercise 1: Balancing the Third Eye

Exercise 2: Humming Bee Breath

Exercise 3: Chanting Aum

Exercise 4:...

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The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is a quick way to clear negative energy and raise your energetic vibration. It is like a light switch for activation.

This ritual clears the astral and puts a psychic shield around you. It is a wonderful psychic protection ritual. It is known as the basic banishing ritual or banishment spell.

At the same time it expands your aura and raises vibration. If you want to increase your vibration and attract more positivity to your life, try this quick banishing ritual.

This demonstration corresponds to my lessons on the ritual in my school at If you are interested in learning with me, take a look at my program.

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How to Chant AUM Correctly (OM)

The reason many spiritual people chant aum is because it opens the spiritual chakras – these are the energy centers that connect us to our intuitive faculties.

The proper way to chant aum is to begin with opening the heart chakra with the sound vibration aaahhhh. The heart chakra is the main center for tapping into the astral and seeing into the future. It’s our main spiritual channel. When you open this one you become clairaudient – you can hear the spirit world more clearly.

Everything is energy and energy is basically waves of vibration – in other word – sound frequency. Yeah, so to move your energy, use sound vibrations.

The next part of the chant is u for the second chakra – this is your connection center. This connects you to your self and others. It’s an emotional center. And when you have this one open and active, you become clairsentient. Which means you can feel energy. Have you ever walked into a place and said “oh wow,...

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How Tarot Cards Work & Why People Tell You Not to Read for Yourself


Tarot Cards are the ultimate channeling tool. They work through your own spiritual energy and your spiritual gifts called clairsentience & claircognizance.

Tarot card reading requires the reader to connect with the situation, the higher self, and the cards. To read the cards effectively, you have to have a clear connection with your channeling tool. 

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What the Number 8 Means (Sacred Geometry, Tarot, Angel Numbers, Astrology, Tree of Life, iChing)

Whether you are seeing the number 8 in dreams or visions or you are curious about it esoteric meaning in general, watch this video for the deep understanding of the number 8 as the Vesica Piscis in Sacred Geometry and the Tree of Life, the infinity symbol, Hod, the Hexagon, the Hexagram, the eighth house in astrology, the meaning of Scorpio, Pluto, the Strength Tarot Card, the Star Tarot Card, Hexagon 8 in the iChing, and how to manifest in Magick. This video is packed full of esoteric knowledge.

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The Chakras Explained & How to Balance Them

The 7 chakras are the main energy centers of the body. These energy centers or spinning vortexes of energy that run from the base of your spine up to the top of the head.

Your spirit body is made of energy and it moves and connects to your mental body and your physical body. I am sure you have heard of the phrase mind/body/spirit. You have a mental body, a physical body, and a spirit or etheric body. They all connect.

The 7 chakras can get blocked by physical mental or spiritual problems. Like trauma, negativity in life, or other people’ energy. Let’s talk about each of these 7 chakras and how you can unblock them yourself. It will require both mental & physical effort on your part. This process of unblocking needs to be worked on over your lifetime to keep the energies flowing. Do these exercises daily or at least as often as you can.

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🎃Pick A Card 🎃 ( ☾October Predictions 2020 ☾) Tarot Reading

Want to know what the month of October 2020 has in store for you? Where you are stuck, what you should focus on, and the actions to take in October? Find out in this IN DEPTH Pick A Card Predictions Reading!

Decks Used

Radiant Rider Waite -  

Thoth Tarot Deck -

DISCLAIMER** All readings I post are for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any choices or decisions you make as a result from my readings! Love and light

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