Starting to HATE meditating? WATCH this before you quit.

I always struggled with meditation. I didn't get it. I was a martial artist, a certified hypnotist, psychology major and tarot card reader, but meditation? Forget it. And that kept me from awakening to my spiritual gifts for a long time. My cards were telling me to meditate. My psychic advisors were telling me that my spirits want me to meditate. But I couldn't. Until. I found Magick and my own formula for getting into the meditative state.

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🔮 Pick A Card 🔮 ( ✨ June Predictions 2021 ✨)

Want to know what the month of June 2021 has in store for you? Where you are stuck, what you should focus on, and the actions to take in June? Find out in this IN DEPTH Pick A Card Predictions Reading!

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Thoughts or Intuition? (6 Intuitive Languages You NEED to Know)

Ever wonder if you are using your intuition or your mind? The mind can definitely get in the way and confuse you. So today, i am going to tell you the 6 intuitive languages so you can tell the difference between your thinking mind and your intuition. If you ever have trouble distinguishing between the mind and the inner voice, you are going to love these tips.

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The Tree of Life Explained (Beginner’s Guide)

The Tree of Life is a visual diagram of our reality - it represents both our entire reality - our universe - what we call the macrocosm and the individual person in the reality - what we call the microcosm. It shows both the process of spiritual awakening & the process of creation.

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The Shocking Truth About Angels (What are Angels?)

Yes, angels are real. But not in the way we think of angels. They are not ghost-like spirits with wings. So what are they? I’m going to tell you what an angel is in metaphysical terms and the difference between angels and the two ways you can work with your archangels.

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Aleister Crowley Quiz (Can You Guess Myth vs Truth?)

New Age Prophet or Wickedest Man in the World? There are so many myths surrounding the bizarre life of Aleister Crowley.

I have honestly been wanting to do this video for years now because I was a member of Crowley's social order - or gnostic church you could call it - the OTO for a little while.

I have seen some nasty comments pop up here and there when I mention him, so let's talk about the top myths and truths regarding the Wickedest Man in the World.

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The Middle Pillar Ritual INSTRUCTIONS (Increase Magical Power)

This ritual aligns you with your higher self, generates magical power, and purifies the body and mind. This is an invoking ritual. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram should be practiced for several weeks before beginning this exercise.

Be warned! Your astral senses will be enhanced and you will become more sensitive to energy. If you have a serious psychological neurosis like a dissociative disorder or psychosis, please make sure you have that under control before trying this exercise.

The divine names, in the ritual, have varying rates of vibration associated with various parts of the body and grades of consciousness. These are keys to accessing different part of our being.

Practice this ritual 2-3 times a day for several weeks before moving into deeper practices like other rituals and spellwork.

This is an introduction to the Middle Pillar Ritual. It includes some light theory and exercise instructions including how to chant the divine names with demonstration and how...

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My Kundalini Awakening Experiences

I have had two awakening experiences. They were very different experiences. The signs were different because the way I went about it was different. The first one was spontaneous and scary. The second was blissful. I share my experiences and symptoms in this video.

Ever experience telepathy, ghosts, sleep paralysis, spiritual dreams, or deep compassion rushing through the body? These were some of my experiences. Listen to my stories to hear the experiences in entirety.

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What the Number 7 Means (Life Path, Tarot, Angel Numbers, Astrology, Tree of Life)

Whether you are seeing the number 7 in dreams or visions or you are curious about the esoteric meaning in general, watch this video for the deep understanding of the number 7. I use the Tree of Life, the sphere of Yesod, the ninth house in astrology, the meaning of Venus, Libra, the Chariot Tarot Card, the Temperance Tarot Card, it’s correspondences, and how to meditate with it. This video is packed full of esoteric knowledge.

The number 7 represents the emotional plane, the chakra system, the fire element, instincts & urges, and so much more. Let’s explore why it has these meanings!

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Angels & Archangels by Damien Echols (Book Review)

Want to invoke some angels? Damien Echols teaches you how in his newest book called Angels & Archangels: A Magicians Guide.

In this quick review, I give you a quick synopsis, a couple of example blurbs from the book, and I talk about some of the things you'll love about this new angel magick book.

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